my holiday

In the holidays we didn’t do much but we did go to Wanaka for a night and went a cool way to get there.  First we went through danseys pass then we drove over some more mountains and we had to open lots of gates.  Then when we got on the other side of the mountain it took us down to Tarras. When we got to our apartment we didn’t do much.  We did go for a swim in the pool and went in the spa. In the holidays we also went to a give it a go rodeo day it is called a jackpot because my sister is quite into it. She did barrel racing ,pole bending and a cow boy challenge.   We also had my sisters friend over for a sleep over we made a fish and chip shop and the chips and burgers were fodderbeet!  It was so much fun!

term one 2021 review

This term I have most enjoyed going to Benmore dam and I liked playing touch. I also liked doing our lizards art and our circle art that was fun. I also liked doing P.E at the end of the day because we get to try a lot of new games.

This term I have realized my math has improved lots and lots. I have also found reading so much more enjoyable because I have a good book and a much bigger vocabulary now.

This term we have done explanation writing I found this difficult because I found it hard to think of ideas for my conclusion.

Trip to Benmore Dam

On Thursday we went to Benmore dam to look at how they generate power we got there on a big bus. then we went to go see the power stanchion and a cool mural wall then it was the exciting bit we were going in side the dam we seen all the turbines and pen stocks. and I learnt that they have special fish races.

Growth Mind Set

A growth mind set is a when you have confidence in your self and your learning. It is also when  you don’t give up when it is hard or difficult. I think a growth mind set is really good. I wanted to Jump of this big rock but I was too scared  to but I kept telling my self I could do it and I did it.

That was summer

Remember that time 

When you got up 4:00 am 

Filled with excitement and it was still dark when you were Driving up 7 mile road and not arriving on the west coast Until midday?


Remember that time when you were

Sitting on that steep bank waiting

For Flick to ride and watching the crazy bull rides?


Remember that time 

When you were standing on the big rock

Staring at the water anxiously

And then next minute you were in the air


That was Summer!


By Olivia


This year I am excited for lots of things such as the Danseys Pass trail bike ride and my birthday I am also excited for my first house group meeting because I have became a house captain.  I have also just found out that we are going on camp and are going to boyle river.