My favorite book is Anne of green gables

my favorite book is Anne of green gables.  I like it because it is a old fashion book like Milly Molly Mandy and if  you love Milly Molly Mandy books you will really like Anne of Green Gables books . There are series of Anne of Green Gables  books;  there is Anne of Windy Willows and Anne’s house of dreams, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the island, Anne of Ingleside and two more.It is also a move .It is about an orphan called Anne and a brother and  sister who live on a farm called Green Gables and they want an orphan boy So he can help on the farm, but they got the order wrong and they got a girl instead and they raised her and she got a job as a teacher.  It is a really cool book but it has a lot of big words so you have to read a lot of big words. Give it a try if you like those sot of books .

100 word challenge

Once there was a girl called Maggie and her sister called Belle. there mum wanted them to run to town and  grab some grocery’s and grab them some sweets for being good .So they ran down  the road and past the stables and in to town. They got to the grocery shop and they got salt , Jam , sugar, and some sweets .They got home there mum said I will make tea now you go and play . It came to tea time and they tried there diner it was so salty .Oh no we didn’t read the sign it said sea-salt.

My holiday in Wanaka

In the weekend I went to Wanaka with some friends, to get there we went up through Danseys Pass  and we went gold mining and swimming in the river, we also stopped at Danseys Pass pub  and a lot of other cool places on the way. When we got there we went straight to the pool at the apartment and swam in there until it was 8:00,  then we had to have tea. The next day we did more swimming and went rock climbing,  the next day we went on a really big bike ride and that was my really cool holiday.

Where I am from (inspired by George Ella Lyon )

Where I am from 

                    ( Inspired by George Ella Lyon)


 I am from still lakes to high


I am from the smell 

of cows.

I am from lush 

green grass.

I am from native bush and 

hot chocolate every morning.

I am from touch rugby every Friday afternoon. 

I am from the smell of afghans – yum. 

I am from hockey on cold 

winter nights. 

I am from biscuit rides on the lake 

I am from Waitaki, Duntroon.  


By Olivia


My name is Olivia

I am 10 and I am from new Zealand , North Otago.  I do highland dancing  and I like going on biscuit rides on the lake behind the boat .I have 2 sisters called Mila and Annabelle. My mum’s name is Megan and my dad’s name is Mike . I have 1 dog and two cats and a goat .I live on a dairy farm I play touch rugby and hokey I enjoy baking food for my family. on my farm we have a hearing bone milking shed. and one worker. We have around 500 cows. I like animals and I am not very fussy .I like reading Anne of green gables books.I have a pet calf called Maggie.

Elephant Rocks in North Otago, New Zealand